Egg freezing is becoming a hot topic in the media. Now we are seeing articles everywhere, with stories in your favorite magazines, and on your favorite blogs. More and more women are interested in fertility preservation, but many have serious questions about the cost. We think every woman deserves these answers, which is why we’ve created this straight-talking ebook. Here, you’ll learn:

  • What it really costs to freeze your eggs
  • What’s included in an egg freezing cycle and what’s not
  • Different options for managing the cost
  • How freezing eggs when you’re young could actually save you money in the future

Life moves fast, but some decisions take time. What if you could pause the clock? Freezing your eggs now will help you keep your options open for the future, whatever life throws your way. Are you ready to discover what might be possible? Fill out this form for instant access to download your copy of How Can I Pay For Fertility Preservation?

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